Started in mid-2009 by Leigh Stark, SackBoy Lives Here is an art project about our little SackBoy as he explores the world.

He’s young and curious so almost every concept is foreign to him, so in a way it’s like looking at the world through a child’s eyes. A child that never stops smiling.

Every day, at least one new photo goes online. Some days there are more, but no days have less. At least one photo of a smiling SackBoy every day is what we guarantee.

The most important part of the SackBoy Lives Here project is the endgame: charity.

Later this year (2010), we’d like to release a coffee table book of the best photos from SackBoy’s experiences. Adults can buy it, and then all the proceeds from that – every last cent – will be donated to charity. At this time, we’re thinking of the Child’s Play charity because it allows children in hospitals around the world to get the benefit.

We’re looking at making SackBoy Lives Here! prints available for people to buy. ¬†While we have yet to work out pricing, the idea will be something like print price + shipping price + charity donation = cost.

It’s best to note that while the artists behind the project put a lot of time and money into the idea, we do it solely for charity and for the love of making people smile.

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  1. this is really cool!!! i keep coming back to see more pics!! please post more!! i have looked at all the design compitition pics and hand made bunches of them. i LOVE sackboy!!!

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